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About Us


Moist~Your is a small family owned and operated company.  Being health-conscious, our vision is to make the outside as healthy as the inside by handcrafting high quality products that are nourishing on your skin.

For years we wanted to have our own small business and work towards our own dreams.  We work a lot of hours, have a lot of late nights, and have never been more satisfied!

We take great pride in what we do.  There are no harsh detergents or watered down versions of something that used to be nourishing.  We use skin loving ingredients and have worked hard to create something to fit everyone's needs.  Mother nature inspires us and it's for this reason that we use natural and herbal ingredients whenever possible.  


Our products are created in small batches and tested on our own family and friends (most of which are a lot of squeaky clean, fresh smelling kids that started out smelly)!

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